Looney&Co 40603 Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow
Looney&Co 40603 Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow
Looney&Co 40603 Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow
Looney&Co 40603 Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow
Looney&Co 40603 Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow
Looney&Co 40603 Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow
Looney&Co 40603 White / 50 x 30 x 10 cm / Worldwide Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow

Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow

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Do you have a restless sleep? Do you wake up with neck pain, stiffness or a headache?

Waking up in the morning with neck pain is a terrible feeling. This can cause sciatica, numbness in the arms and legs. Or back pain, and headaches that can last all day. Neck pain can also cause fatigue and irritability. Many people think that a bad mattress is the main cause, but this is not necessarily the case.

A good night's sleep depends on sleeping positions, especially a good pillow.
Usually, patients with neck and back pain see their physiotherapist or chiropractor. Numerous statistics have shown that fixing sleep positioning with a good supportive pillow is equivalent to curing over 60% of these patients. 

Our Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow is the perfect solution for soothing comfort and therapeutic relief of the cervical spine.


Relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs of the neck, aligning the cervical spine and distributing weight evenly. This will have the effect of reducing the pressure on the neck, back and shoulders, following a long day at work.
Keeps airways aligned and unrestricted to reduce snoring.
Stress and blood pressure decrease, cellular damage is repaired. Risk factors for disease, obesity and depression can be reduced. Mood, memory and concentration are improved. 


Normal pillows

On your back: Without a headrest, your head tends to tilt forward. Your neck is then stretched out of alignment. This has the effect of creating pain in the neck, back and shoulders. As well as headaches and even snoring.

Lateral position: Your neck and head stretch easily, because a normal pillow is not high enough. In addition, your spine is not kept level. Which causes the neck, back and shoulder problems.

Normal pillows are often too warm, and retain moisture. This can cause odor and the growth of bacteria.

Our Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow

On the back: The "lumbar extension" properly supports the upper back. The "cervical contour" perfectly supports your neck. The "central cavity" comfortably supports your head. This ensures proper alignment of the spine, and helps reduce snoring.

Lateral Position: Your neck and head rest comfortably and naturally on the raised sides, and adjust to your shoulder height. Which has the effect of keeping your spine healthy. The profile of the "side cavity" is flexible, for added comfort while you sleep on your side.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 431 reviews
Dahlia Walsh

very comfort

Andrew Jerde

Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow

Jammie Reichert

Orthopedic Shape Memory Pillow

Aiden Runte

slept like an angel hope it keeps up, i've been using expensive pillows before but this one is better than those

Delilah Goodwin

Attention l'oreiller est trés ferme. Il me convient parfaitement. la forme ergonomique est parfaite et je n'ai plus de problème de cervicales. Je met par dessus un oreiller trés souple et peu épais pour avoir un confort plus doux. Parfait !

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