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Looney&Co® 200319146 Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 Silver / 16 inch  40cm / 10 pcs|>=35% Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 #22 / 12 inch  30cm / 10 pcs|>=35% Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 Silver / 16 inch  40cm / 10 pcs|>=35% Natural Human Hair Extensions
Looney&Co® 200319146 #22 / 12 inch  30cm / 10 pcs|>=35% Natural Human Hair Extensions

Natural Human Hair Extensions

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    Items per Package|Longest Hair Proportion

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    Isheeny Blonde Human Hair Tape Extensions European Natural Hair Extensions Skin Weft 12"-22" Black Brown 100% Real Human Hair

    Item: Tape hair extensions

    Brand: Isheeny


    12 inch=30cm long, 1.2g/pc, 10 pieces=12 grams, 20 pieces= 24 grams, 40 pieces=48 grams

    14 inch=35cm long, 1.4g/pc, 10 pieces=14 grams, 20 pieces= 28 grams, 40 pieces=56 grams

    16 inch=40cm long, 1.6g/pc, 10 pieces=16 grams, 20 pieces= 32 grams, 40 pieces=64 grams

    18 inch=45cm long, 1.8g/pc, 10 pieces=18 grams, 20 pieces= 36 grams, 40 pieces=72 grams

    20 inch=50cm long, 2.2g/pc, 10 pieces=22 grams, 20 pieces= 44 grams, 40 pieces=88 grams

    22 inch=55cm long, 2.5g/pc, 10 pieces=25 grams, 20 pieces= 50 grams, 40 pieces=100 grams

    Hair quality:

    1.100% original remy human hair material used!

    2.Full cuticle intact, all cuticle in same direction!

    3.No synthetic, no animal hair, no lices, no tangle, no shedding!

    4.Hair silky, straight, soft, smooth!

    5.No chemical treatment, in full accordance with Europe, the Unite States environmental requirements of prodcution.


    Style: Straight remy tape in human hair extensions

    Application suggestion:

    **Short hair, want long and volume effect, please choose 80 pieces

    **Long thinner hair, want more volume effect, please choose 40-60 pieces

    **Test hair or want highlight effect, please choose 10-20 pieces

    Storage: large stock, support shipping within 48 hours order pass verify.

    Refund or exchange:

    1.30 days no-reason return & refund! If you dont like it, contatc with us urgently!

    2.Countries that support local returns:


    **Poland/France/Brazil/South Korea/Saudi Arabia & UAE/Spain/Russia


    Q: How many pieces Isheeny Remy tape extensions do I need ?

    A: Reference below suggestion.

    1. Short hair, want long & volume effect, 80 pieces please
    2. Long thinner hair, want more volume effect, 40-60 pieces please.
    3. Testing hair or want highlight effect, 10-20 pieces pelase.
    Q: Isheeny Remy Hair can be Dye, Print ?
    • A: Yes,It more easy dye to darker color. don't suggest dye to more lighter color. Suggest choose a right color directly, that can save your dye time.
    Q: Hair can be make wavy, Curl, straight style ?
    • A: Yes, you can curling or straightening the hair by iron, please don't do it too frequently.
    Q: Why the hair extensions getting tangled ?
    • A: The hair tangle because of dryness, oil, dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine, or wrong combing method, high temperature iron on the hair also easy cause the hair tangle. Suggest wash your hair 1 - 2 times per week, Use wide tooth comb on the hair too, Or consult your stylist for more help you can.
    Q: Is that real remy human hair ?
    • A: Yes, it is real remy human hair material used. We only collect the original virgin remy hair from health young girl.
    Q: How to wash my hair extensions ?
    • A: Like wash your own hair, use mild Shampoo please. Suggest 1 - 2 times washing per week. ( Don't use the conditioner wash the tape area please )
    Q: What precautions need attention ?
    • A: Yes, any precautions below
    1. Please wash Isheeny remy hair in time after swimming or working out.
    2. When use hot iron, please keep the temperature less than 100 Celsius (212 Fahrenheit ). more higher temperature, more easy damage the hair
    3. Never sleep with wet hair extensions. Always make sure the hair is dry and pulled up or preferably put into a braid to keep hair from tangling at nigh
    Q: Why the final products color seems not 100% same as the picture in the web ?
    • We use original remy hair material only, You can find the hair top part color lighter than the end part. This is a unique symbol of the original remy hair.
    • Maybe you can find there are a little different about the color even you buy two packs same color. This is normal, Becuase we only use original virgin remy hair material and the different donor's virgin remy hair color maybe different.
    • The pictures were taken in kind in 100%, but due to the reason of light and the display, you can see the picture may have a slight color difference problem, this is inevitable, please understanding! If cannot accept, please buy cautiously.
    • In the color hair, it maybe contain little piece other color hair, it is normal. Just remove it please.
    Q: Can I return goods if I don't like ?
    • A: Yes, you can return goods if you don't like it. Or any questions if you have, contact with us please, Only this, you can get timely best after-sales service.

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    Natural Human Hair Extensions

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