Hand Steamer Pro® 64904 pink Portable Handheld Fast Heat Steam Iron
Hand Steamer Pro® 64904 pink Portable Handheld Fast Heat Steam Iron
Hand Steamer Pro® 64904 pink Portable Handheld Fast Heat Steam Iron
Hand Steamer Pro® 64904 pink Portable Handheld Fast Heat Steam Iron

Portable Handheld Fast Heat Steam Iron

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Finally, remove wrinkles from your clothes in minutes without iron or an ironing board!
Gone are those days of taking out your ironing board, waiting for it to heat up, and spending tons of time to take wrinkles out of clothes. The revolutionary handheld Fabric Steamer is safe, compact, easy to use, and perfect for both the home and traveling. just fill it up with water, wait 20 seconds for it to heat up, and have perfect, wrinkle-free clothes in just a minute!

This Fast Heat Steam Iron is an efficient and environmentally household cleaning and ironing product, its continuous ejection of high-temperature and high-pressure steam allow you to iron and sterilize.


One pass removes all wrinkles and creases!
Sterilizes and kills 99% of bacteria & mites
Very easy to use, super light, and portable!
Thanks to its maneuverability, you can use it either horizontally or vertically to iron hanging clothes, ideal for home and travel. No need for an ironing board anymore


          Voltage (V): 100-240V
          Product weight: 800g
          Temperature Gear: Single Gear
          Classification: Steam brush
          Power (W): 1501-1799W
          Water Tank Capacity (l): <0.8L
          Steam Duration (Min): 80min
          Supports Anti Dry Burning: Yes
          Product material: ABS, PC, electric heating module.
          Power length:1.8 meters, full copper power cord.
          Voltage: 110V-240V(USplug / EU Plug)
          Product power:1500W/50-60Hz
          Water tank capacity: 250ml
          Heating mode: electric heating type.
          Scope of use: ironing of clothes, shirts, underwear, bags, neckties, etc.
          Product functions: ironing, humidifying, disinfecting, and sterilizing

            This Steamer is quick, compact, and easy to use. The large water tank provides up to 15 minutes of powerful continuous steam.


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                Fast delivery and the product is exactly like on site with flawless operation

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                посылкой доволен все работает я рад доставили за неделю прямо в руки

                Justen Marvin

                отличный отпариватель, очень удобно отпаривать даже в горизонтальном положении вещей, как утюгом. Это ооочень удобно

                Kariane Rice

                Маме понравилось Мне показалось что долговато разглаживает, но сравнивать не с чем, отпаривателей ранее не было

                Deron Macejkovic

                Супер-игрушка!)))) Резервуар для воды достаточный! Больше брать не рекомендую, тк отправитель будет уже не подъёмный! Тем более долить немного воды не составляет труда. Доставили в С-Пб за 4 дня. Рекомендую!

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