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Looking for the best resistace bands in 2021? Discover our number one workout bands on the market!

Personal Gym at Home: This premium resistance band set bundle includes door anchors and ankle straps to let you perform the widest variety of resistance exercises possible. Help you exercise at home, hotel room or any other place with a door. Binding adds variety to your resistance band plan.

5 color coded bands included: yellow (4.5kg), green (6.8kg), red (9kg), blue (11kg), black (13.6kg), and can be used alone or stacked in any combination for a maximum of 45.4kg. Each band is color coded for instant recognition, and we always label each with the weight for your convenience.

SUPERIOR MATERIALS: The Fit Bands  are made of high quality material, which can guarantee the maximum service life of the resistance band. Strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity, steel buckle for added strength. Two padded foam handles for comfort during exercise, protect your hands from injury and prevent slipping during exercise.

Lightweight and Portable: Our resistance band is small, lightweight. Comes with a practical carrying bag. You can easily store them in a suitcase or in a car for exercise at work or in a hotel room. Perfectly suited for your arms, shoulders, chest, hips, legs and more. You can exercise anywhere, such as home, gym, office, hotel, beach and travel, etc.

SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS: Resistance band set can help everyone - male or female, professional athlete or beginner. Allows you to target your whole body or specific muscle groups to build muscle, burn fat, and improve flexibility. It is ideal for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, fitness, body training and strength training.


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