Automatic Pet Water Fountain & Food Dispenser

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★ 【2 in 1 Pet Water Dispenser】 This kibble dispenser consists of a food bowl and a water bowl, and is equipped with a large capacity 500ml water bottle that can automatically provide food and water. By using this automatic waterer, you can save more time and space, so this pet bowl is a good choice for pets. Cat food dispenser fountain
★ 【Save space】 The shape of this cat food dispenser is heart-shaped. Place the food bowl at the corner of the wall, it will not hinder human movement, saving space and keeping it clean. This dog bowl is a great tool for the home. Cat food dispenser fountain
★ 【Waterproof dog bowl】 This automatic drinker has a large capacity. It consists of a silicone ring, a floating plate and a lower water bowl. The amount of water can be controlled by pouring water into the built-in floating plate. Silicone rings prevent pets from getting their mouths and beards wet when drinking water. This cat drinker is a great choice for pets. Cat food dispenser fountain
★ 【Keep the environment clean】 When the animals drink water with their tongue, the silicone ring is lowered. At this time, the cat drinker can automatically deliver the correct amount of water. Therefore, this automatic waterer can ensure that the water does not spill and maintain the hygiene of the environment at all times. Cat food dispenser fountain
Product Description
Specifications of Animal Feeder:
Pet feeder Materials: PP
Pet Feeder Size: 26 * 22 * ​​4.8cm / High Bottle: 16cm
Pet Feeder Weight: 250g
Pet Feeder Color: White
The package includes:
1 * Pet Feeder (with a bottle)

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