Adjustable Harness Chest StraP/Head Strap Belt for GoPro

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Film hands-free in full immersion in the action with this Harness for GoPro LCE. Articulated base included. Compatible with all GoPro cameras.

This harness allows you to easily and effectively attach your GoPro to your chest. Inside the strap you will find rubber to ensure better grip. It allows the Chestmount not to slip and avoid tremors while remaining comfortable. On the harness, at the level of the binding, you have an adjustable angle of inclination to best meet the desired shots.

This harness for GoPro is light, strong and comfortable. Completely resistant to weathering and salt water. Stop bothering to hold your GoPro and be free to move around. iShoxs Chestmount has been designed so that in the event of a fall, a system allows the GoPro to easily detach from the torso and thus avoid any risk of injury.









Adjustable Harness Chest Strap Head Strap


  1. Easily Adjustable – Can be adjusted to fit the shape and size
  2. Anti-Slip – Crafted from anti-slip material, allows you to record with confidence
  3. Ultimate Comfort – It offer a soft, lightweight, and comfortable alternative
  4. Good PVC Buckle-Easy to install, convenient and durable
  5. Universal- Compatible with all Go Pro style Cameras

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