Contour Face Liquid

Proveedor Looney&Co®


DESCRIPTION: If you need one beauty product to transforms your complexion from tired,dull and lackluster to glowing and radiant, this FOCALLURE Liquid blush will be your best choice. Featuring 4 vibrant hues like Vibrant #BORDEAUX and deep #SHERRY, it works for both fair and deep complexions. This blush are the best way to go for those with beautiful , rich complexions. Feature: 1. LONG - LASTING You don’t have to worry about reapplying as the day goes on since they last from your morning coffee to your post-work wine. 2. Stunning Natural Effect Formula that achieves a non-greasy, non-creasing, non-smudging, powdery and luminous finish. The blendable and weightless formula is also super easy to apply—just one small pump and you’re set for both cheeks. Warm a very small amount between your fingertips and then apply to the cheeks using light dabbing motions. Layer for your desired intensity.


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