Durable Hip Circle Yoga Band | Anti-slip Gym Fitness Rubber

Proveedor Looney&Co®


  • - Premium fabric band
  • - Durable and lightweight
  • - Silicone band inside for non-slip support
  • - Rubber logo
  • - Bag included
  • - 54% Polyester 46% Elastodiene.
  • - Length: 38cm. Width: 7.5cm.

  • The Medium Resistance Band is an elastic band with medium resistance. It allows you to train without equipment or increase the difficulty of your next indoor workout.



  • Ideal for lower body accessory movements.
  • Slim, stronger and get the perfect butt shape!
  • Relive pressure by stretching with our wide hip exercise band.
  • You'll not only get your butt warm, but your Entire Body Ready to Perform!
  • Resistance bands for leg and butts exalt the hip and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure and relieve the pressure and fatigue effectively.
  • Use these amazing loops bands for All Workouts, such as P90x, Yoga, Pilates, Lifting Beach Body workouts, Deep Squats and so on.



  • Brand: AOLIKES
  • Name: Hip resistance bands
  • Material: Polyester + Latex silk
  • Color: Light Green/Pink/Purple
  • Light Green/Pink/Light Gray: 76*8cm   Resistance  60LBS
  • Pink/Dark Gray: 76*8cm   Resistance  90LBS
  • Purple/Black: 76*8cm   Resistance  150LBS


Package included:

  • 1* Resistance belt





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