Galaxy Nova

Proveedor Looney&Co®

Emitting Color


  • Picking Up Stars For You, the  Galaxy Nova light projector produces a night sky with twinkling stars, non-moving moon and waving clouds for you. Aimed at creating romantic and relaxed atmosphere, The Galaxy Nova light will fully restore your romantic dream. The beautiful twinkling stars and waving clouds light can help you and your kids fall into sleep quickly and smoothly. 
  • One Touch, Starry Sky On As 2021 newest version, we update button tech and let night light projector ocean has four touch sensor button. We encourage you use main unit of thumb gently touch the button of star lights, led projector night light will give you great using experiences!
  • You can change the color light The 6 colors light of night lighting lamps starry will change in turn. We got you one-tone and two-tone lights changing. The waving lights are version friendly and give you fantastic lighting experiences.✨NOTE:You can choose the color projected by your own stars projector night light.

  • Starry Lighting Can Dance With Music We open voice control function for you. The starry and waving light of ceiling stars will move according to the music you play. Perfectly suits to create atmosphere for wedding, party, kids room, birthday , indoor yoga and spa. Add more fun to your using experiences!Note: Turn on Voice Control, the light is off.projector night light will flickering with sound. Such as the sound of clapping, knocking on the table (not too far away), or rhythmic music!
  • USB Charging, Bring Stars Indoor! Please connect ocean wave projector with USB cable from 5V/2A power adapter. Star night light will be fully charged within 2 hours. And The round shape design allow you adjust lighting direction as you wish.
  • NOTE: the USB cable is included in the Galaxy Nova Projector package

  1. Specification:
  2. Material : ABS engineering plastics
  3. Projection light source : LED
  4. Projected distance: 2-10m
  5. Distance 5M: 40 square meter
  6. Distance 8M: 60 square meters
  7. Packaging list:
  8. 1* Three In One Star Light
  9. 1*USB cable
  10. 1*user manual


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