Portable Dog Water Bottle


Capacity adapted to the water requirement for the dog. The 350 ml water bottle is ideal for puppies or for walks. The 550 ml water bottle is specially designed for large dogs or for long hikes.
Convenient thanks to its use with one hand and its integrated water dispenser, it is easier to give your pooch a drink. The removable top allows for quick disassembly for washing or filling with water.
Safe for your pet. Made of eco-friendly material. It is an eco-friendly food grade plastic water bottle approved by the FDA. Lead and BPA free.
Durable, this pet bottle is strong, shatterproof and therefore shock resistant.
Leak proof. Equipped with a silica gel seal that prevents water leakage.
Easy to carry outdoor water bottle. Compact and light, it fits easily in a backpack, a handbag or even in the pockets.
Design and convenient shape. This dog water bottle is not bulky at all and makes transport convenient.
Easy to maintain. This water bottle can be hand washed with soap. Also dishwasher safe.





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