Stainless Steel Cake Icing - Piping Nozzle Basket



Want to bake delicious cakes, wow your friends with appetizing macaroons or please your children by offering them a pastry kit ? We got the perfect tools for you!
Made of high quality stainless steel, these pastry nozzles are easy to use because they can be screwed into the pouch and it does not come off, it holds well. The nozzles are easy to clean, a bottle brush is also provided to be able to reach small corners. Very complete kit for beginners in pastry making who wish to discover the decoration of cakes.
Silicone Piping Bag the pastry kit contains the nozzles as well as a washable and reusable piping bag. The bag is very solid and handy, the tips are easily attached. Its cleaning is simple with a wash of dish soap and presto it is washed.

Cake Decorating this pastry nozzle is very useful and allows you to make any kind of pattern to decorate cakes and pastry.Ideal for making stars, zigzages, and flowers, star borders or seashells; or even patterns round with grooves at a central point.





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